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Beginners Guide to Kokomo:

First - Choose your size and bottom filling

Where it all starts... We have 3 main cup sizes:

     Koko Jr. - 12oz     Bahama Mama - 16oz     BIG Daddy - 32oz

                                                                            *(mini size - 8oz for little kids)

Next choose what to have at the bottom of your cup:

Creamy Vanilla OR Coconut Ice Cream and/or Azuki Beans can all be a great choice to enhance your Authentic Hawaiian experience!

Second - Take your pick of up to 3 flavors for your ice

Now the hard part...What to choose, What to choose...

​We have over 47 flavors to choose from ranging from sweet to sour and of  course tropical!


Click Here  <---- To be taken to the list of current flavors and popular combos!

Third - Choose a topping... or five

The last decision but far from the least... the toppings!

We offer a wide assortment of toppings from candy like pop rocks and nerds, to the more authentic Hawaiian toppings like mochi balls and Snow Cap(Hawaiian sweet cream).

Click Here <--- To go to our Flavor menu for a full list of current toppings!